Koromogae Philosophy & Rocky Mountain Juniper

Moonlight Bonsai

Koromogae (衣替え) is a Japanese term that I have come to enjoy using recently…. In common terms it expresses the changing of robes or changing of clothing due to the seasonal flux. With bonsai this term is used to describe the technique of changing the entirety of the foliage variety on a particular tree. The tree in question is a Rocky Mountain Juniper that my teacher (Boon) was gracious enough to let me purchase from him.

IMG_1904 Front Side Closeup

IMG_1899 Back Side 

The side of this tree that I have chosen as the back has interesting deadwood which gives it merit as a front but there is one drawback… When viewed from the backside, the tree leans distinctively in the opposite direction which is a big nono in bonsai design. A front that is trying to escape your sight of view does not make for a good focal point…. Now, before…

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