Development of collected cedar #1

Bonsai VL

L’évolution stylistique d’un cèdre amassé en nature. (Cèdre #1)

(version française en bleu) 

This Cedar was collected on the south shore of the St-Lawrence river in August of 1997.   I was very pessimistic about its survival given that there was only 4 or 5 feeder roots of around 2 inches starting directly from the trunk just below the soil line.  I was a beginner in terms of dealing with collected material and brought the tree to a friend with experience!  He secured the tree properly in the pot, applied root hormones in different areas. He also added a plastic container around the trunk which was filled with soil to ensure that the few feeder roots just below the soil line would remain humid.

Here is a picture of the tree in August 1997

Ce cèdre fut cueilli sur la rive sud du St-Laurent en aout 1997. J’étais assez pessimiste sur ses chances de…

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