Design for collected larch #2

Bonsai VL

Author:  Vianney Leduc

When considering design options we make an inventory of important visual elements that exist on different possible fronts.  To find these elements, we have to rotate a tree in many different angles and examine each element.  This is especially true of collected coniferous which lend themselves to various styles.

Here is a slim larch in the position that it was potted in 2012 when collected.  The movement in the trunk line is the major visual element.  In the case of such a slim trunk, we can have our first branch starting from high up in the tree.  The two lowest branches, indicated by the arrows did not fit in any of the design considered and were made into jin to become visual elements to be considered.

Lorsque l’on considère des options de design, il est important de faire un inventaire des différents éléments visuels qui existent dans les différentes façades considérées.  Pour ce faire, on doit regarder l’arbre…

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