Amur maple trunk development (Amur #1)

Bonsai VL

 (version française ci-dessous)

The trunk of many species will simply stop thickening once in bonsai culture. I wanted to find out if the Amur maple was a species capable of trunk thickening when over potted. I have seen the over potting technique providing very good result for larches and Japanese black pine but disappointing result for Mugo pine, Boxwood and Azalea. 

The results are good and could probably have been even better if I had not made a mistake along the way (see explanation below).

The tree had already been growing a large pot and was potted in a 26″ x 19″ wooden box in spring 2013. The roots were not pruned during that repot.  The trunk was just below 2″ thick at that time.


The tree was allowed to grow freely for 4 growing season. It was fertilized twice a week with organic fertilizers and watered once a day for…

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