How to use regular trimming to create great bonsai trees.


I have read and wrote a few articles now. I feel that it is time that someone explains how trimming a bonsai tree works. A lot of advice have been given on what branches to remove and when to work on you tree but I feel there is not enough said on trimming and how to do this. I know when I started my bonsai career there was not a lot of though put into trimming and planning a tree. Trimming is one of the things that when done right results in good foliage pads and awesome ramification. By trimming your bonsai tree regularly you can also direct growth where you want it by choosing to trim branches or buds off that grows in unwanted places.

In this blog I will be covering the following:

  1. Tools and techniques.
  2. Different reasons of trimming.
  3. Projects that I worked on.

Tools and Techniques.

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