Creating bonsai from stumps.


How to start a bonsai tree from just a stump. There are many ways to start a bonsai. You do not have to start from a seed as most people think. Here are a few ways you can start a bonsai:
  1. From a seed.
  2. From a cutting.
  3. Using a stump you dug up or bought
  4. From nursery stock
  5. Buy pre-bonsai stock from a specialized bonsai nursery
  6. Buy a developed tree.

Each one of the above mentioned points have pro’s and con’s. I listed them from one to six. One taking the longest and six being the fastest and easiest way to get started with bonsai. I have to say using the first two methods is very time consuming. When using the first two methods, use big pots or grow it in the open ground. After that you can plant it into bonsai pots. This will speed up the process.


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