Cascades & Phoenix grafts at our monthly meeting


Yesterday was our monthly club meeting as always there where great topics to discuss. The chosen topic for the day was cascades. We covered both cascade styles, Kengai (full cascade) & Han-kengai (semi cascade). It was interesting how everyone in the club had they own interpretation of the two styles. We had an in-depth discussion on tree species that are suitable to grow as cascade bonsai. The two tree species that was mentioned by most of the members were Junipers and Cotoneasters.

We took trees along for discussion. Always difficult as you need to be open for feedback. With that said you can choose weather you want to take the advice or if you want to continue the tree by using your own interpretation. Bonsai is an art form and if all of us use these rule or as I like to look at them guidelines to the “T” all…

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