Total Super Blue-Blood Eclipse of the Moon! 4:51-6:07 AM PST 1-31-18


Blood Moon of October 2015 (Deanne Fortnam –

OK. Hit it!

Bom ba ba bom ba bom ba bom bom
Ba ba bom ba ba bom dang a dang dang
Ding a dong ding
Blue moon!

You could not be a teenager, or anywhere close to being a teenager, in 1961 America, and not hear this song. Radio-blasting from homes, apartments, passing cars, drive-ins and – if you were lucky enough to own one – one of those new pocket-sized transistor radios. It was everywhere.

The lyrics, or at least half of them, were deathlessly simple. Certainly worth repeating, which the backup singers, especially bass vocal Fred Johnson, did – relentlessly – throughout the song. Feel free to push the red button-arrow below and sing along with the Marcels’ original version. We know that you already know it.

Blue moon, moon, moon, moon, moon
Dit Di Dit Di…

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