A Not So Ordinary January Day


Since the USA government experienced a closure I used the time to visit a client and work on some trees. I had seen that many had become over grown during the Fall last year. I started working on the pines. Two pines here. One with a lovely movement and the other a bit chunky. The Black Pine with the great movement like to grow very dense bud areas, we wish all our pines had this problem. But eventually the material is just too dense. It was clean up time to allow the sun on those new buds.

Client Tree: Black Pine. After cleanup. I love the movement in this tree. It will re-pot at a new angle soon.

Client Tree: Black Pine. Before cleanup. This tree like to grow thick dense needle groups.

The next Black Pine is distressed and has been since it came up to northern CA 7…

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Serissa Japonica

Serissa also known as Snowrose or Tree of a Thousand Stars, is a shrub with tiny leaves and trunk not thicker than a pencil. There are many species of serissa but the most common species growing in this region is Serissa Foetida and Serissa Japonica.  Many people refer Serissa Japonica is the old Latin name for Serissa Foetida, but in actual fact Japonica and Foetida are quite different. Japonica has smaller all green color leaves and Foetida has larger leaves with yellow edge all round.

???????????????????????????????         ???????????????????????????????    Serissa Japonica grows well in a soil mix of 50% humus rich materials and 50% of granular soil. A half shady condition is simply ideal for it’s growth but MUST be kept outdoor. Serrissa’s natural tiny leaves and flexible thin trunk made it simply easy to be trained to become small or shohin bonsai, small punjin or…

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