Trident Maple Clump Style Development

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When I returned home on Monday from teaching in California, I was greeted by my Trident maple clump in brilliant autumn coloring. A few other bonsai are also just starting to show color. Hopefully my garden and bonsai will be colorful when I return home from Taiwan next week. On November 11, 2017 at 1pm EST, I’ll be doing a question and answer live broadcast from my garden and hopefully the garden and bonsai will be colorful. Check out Bonsai Empire for the details:


Before removing from the stone about 15 years ago in MAY.

The history of this bonsai and its development is interesting. Several decades ago Philis Wishnick created a rock planting with at least seven Trident maples, Acer buergerianum, in a class under the direction of Yuji Yoshimura. The stone is solid granite which Mr. Yoshimura shaped and glued a small rock on the bottom for…

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Join Us In A Small Tour To See Japan’s Finest Bonsai

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1.jpgHave you ever considered to visit the Japan bonsai community?


Here is your opportunity to experience the finest bonsai exhibition in the world PLUS to visit private bonsai collections, gardens and the Japan Suiseki Exhibition. A visit to Tokoname to purchase bonsai containers is also available too!


In early February Kora Dalager and I will be leading another one of our popular value-priced trips to Japan. Only a small number of members will be accepted for this tour so we will have ample time to fully appreciate the beauty of the treasured bonsai in Japan.


Omiya Bonsai Village, the mecca of bonsai, will be experienced, where you will see the top four bonsai gardens where many of the famous masterpiece bonsai have been created and are maintained. You will have the opportunity to meet the top bonsai artists and see their trees, both outdoors and in small indoor displays.



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Parking Lot Bonsai, or, the sum of my choices

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In the afternoons, on schooldays, I get to sit and wait for my children to get out of class and then I chauffeur them home.As I wait for them,I sometimes use this time away from the nursery to work on trees. Sometimes I nap.

Before you get all huffy about me spoiling them by not making them take the bus, or walk home, they go to a charter school that is too far to walk home from (about a two hour walk) and bus service isn’t available. (For those who are wondering, a charter school is a publicly funded operation but not run by the normal school board. In Florida this is an option to send your children to, if your local school does not have a passing grade when it’s ranked by the state. There’s all kinds of arguments and debate as to whether this is a valid…

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