Pino Silvestre. Torsión.


Buenas tardes una vez mas amig@s.

Primero de todo desearos a los que podáis unas muy buenas y merecidas vacaciones, yo de  momento no me he movido de Madrid, y creo que como mucho me iré una semana al norte, para mi eso ya es suficiente, y mas con la que esta cayéndonos encima! Así que lo dicho, disfrutar estéis donde estéis, y un abrazo a todos.

Cuando viene mi amigo Marcos ( de Burgos, alguno de mis árboles tiembla, por que para las pocas veces que nos vemos y siempre hablando de bonsái por teléfono las ganas ya las podéis imaginar. Así que cabeza de turco, un pino silvestre, con un gran nebari de palmo y medio y un tronco que aunque las fotos no lo muestren tiene un movimiento suave muy bonito, y asi es como tratamos de buscar el frente.

En esta ocasión os muestro como quedó este pino después de enrrafiarlo y colocar su parte principal…

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2017 4th Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition– Part 3 Exhibition

Valavanis Bonsai Blog


I was very pleased to see this exhibition, as it was different from others I’ve seen in China. There were a wide range of different styles and sizes represented which presented an interesting balance, something for everyone. I was told it “almost” represented all the different styles of bonsai in China. Some of the bonsai were huge, while most were of average size. But I believe there were more individual shohin bonsai than larger trees. The only reason I’m in one of the photos is for size comparison, but remember, I’m not that tall. Good things come in small sizes. Compare the prices of small bonsai containers to larger pots.


The exhibition was in a huge greenhouse complex with shading on the ceiling to shield the harsh sun and intense heat. Red and white flags decorated the ceiling to break up the wide expanse. Surrounding the exhibition, but still in…

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Happy Sweet 16 to my first “apprentice”

Nebari Bonsai

Happy birthday to my dear sweet baby girl. She’s been along on this Bonsai ride her whole life.

At 2 she slept through much of the (then)Wayerhauser collection near Seattle:

At 4, she was heavily involved in carving with power tools with Mr. Ron…or at least the contemplation and conversation just following:

And at 6, she was making sure Mr. Ron properly prepared wire for a nice Yamafusa pot while repotting the hawthorn:

By 9, she’s helping Sir Peter Warren prune a black pine during a demonstration:

Showing little brother how to Prune Shimpaku by 11:

And repotting Shimpaku by 13:

Then, the Bonsai pix drop off for a while…must be that teenager thing. Instead, we’re baking cupcakes with a Grandma Donna.

It goes fast. See those keys on the counter….?

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2017 4th Zhongguo Fen Penjing Exhibition– Part 2 Demonstrations

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While over 10,000 people enjoyed the beautiful bonsai and visiting over 300 vendors the organizations sponsoring the exhibition arranged for Robert Steven to coordinate the demonstration programs.


There were thirty demonstrators from throughout the world, each working on conifer bonsai, mostly Sargent Juniper, Japanese five-needle pine and Japanese Black & Red Pines.


All the demo trees were well established, many in bonsai containers. The many Chinese demonstrators, however, had a definite advantage because they brought their own material, mostly pretrained and much larger and quite a bit different that the trees provided to the foreigners. I don’t blame them and I would have the same if had the opportunity.


There were five sessions for the demonstrations, during two and a half days. Although three hours were allocated for each demo, most did not require the total time.


Eight demonstrations were on the same stage at the same time, but the…

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