Pelicans and Pipits – Malibu Lagoon, 22 October, 2017


Clark’s Grebe with his bright orange bill & stand-out eye (J. Waterman 10-22-17)

A group of Pepperdine University students trudged down the hill to the lagoon to join us today, fulfilling some sort of Biology class field trip requirement. Lucky them – it was probably the hottest field trip day of the year, as all of SoCal was being throttled by a record heat wave. I’m usually so busy talking and answering questions that I don’t bother to drink water. Today I knocked off a whole bottle.

Eared Grebe, wet (J. Waterman 10-22-17)

A few ducks have arrived, almost too few to count: Gadwall, American Wigeon, Northern Pintail – one each. More exciting were the Aechmophorus grebes: nine Western and two Clark’s, although most of use saw five of the former and one of the latter. We had them at close range and everyone got to see how they differ…

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