Discover Shikoku! The Journey Within– Part 4

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35th Kinashi Bonsai & Garden Tree Festival

The 35th Kinishi Bonsai & Garden Tree Festival was also held on October 20-22, 2017 a short ride from the Kokubuji Bonsai Green Festival in the town of Takamatsu.


Although the formal display was not as large, all the bonsai were stunning. The main emphasis of this festival seemed to be both the indoor and outdoor sales areas with some unbelievable prices.


Japanese black pine, US$115.


Japanese black pine, US$ 158. Really!!



Nakazu Bansho Garden


Nakazu Bansho Garden was built by the second feudal lord of Marugame, who lived in a castle up high on a hill, but wanted to enjoy the beautiful scenic Seto Inland Sea close up. So, he constructed a large stroll garden next to the sea. The area has now been built up over the past several centuries, but a wall has been built to indicate…

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