You win some, you lose some.


Today has definitely had its wins and losses. I’ll start with the wins!

We woke up at about 7:30 this morning, which is a lot better than the last few days.

We had biscuits and coffee, a good way to start the day.

We exercised for about half an hour today.

We collected pecans in the backyard, and my husband spotted a tiny boxwood plant that was growing under the pecan tree. This was very serendipitous as none of my attempts at cloning our existing boxwood plants outside have worked. I was very excited and planted it in my beautiful teal ceramic planter. I have read boxwood make good bonsai.

We then also planted more seeds, since most of my herb plants have died because I haven’t been taking care of them. 😞

I also am trying to grow some apple seeds to make an apple bonsai.

We also listened…

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NVBS With Larry Jackel

Bonsai Iterate

Larry Jackel is a favorite expert among the members of the Northern Virginia Bonsai Society. He manages the bonsai collection at the Denver Botanic Gardens and collects fantastic bonsai material from the Colorado mountains.

Larry provided a short program about horticultural mastery, design concepts, and management of new growth especially related to Picea pungens, Colorado Blue Spruce.

He also provided a wonderful selection of CBS for the workshop participants to purchase. There wasn’t a bad tree in the bunch!

Just another great NVBS meeting and workshop!

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Bonsai Europa 2017

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

Many thanks to Tony Tickle and his amazing team for putting on another fantastic show in Bury.


This was my personal contribution, a medium sized Blaauws Juniper that I have been working on for 5 years.


This is a better picture of it taken in my greenhouse on Thursday under ideal light conditions.


The large trees from the collections of Mark and Rita Cooper and John Paul Polmans were my particular favourites


Here is a selection of my other pictures from the show. Apologies for the quality but they fill the gap until the official pictures are released. Click on any thumbnail to see a larger picture in gallery mode.

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Fall repotting of a Chojubai Quince

Nebari Bonsai

If you haven’t seen a chojubai Quince in person, their tiny scale may come as a surprise. Leaves are the size of Chinese elm, even Seiju elm. They grow strongly in the summer, and always seem to have a few flowers opening. In the fall, the flower production really picks up and adds some nice color to the bench:

This summer, I noticed this one was becoming a bit anemic, with pale foliage and weak growth. They always seem to slow down vegetative growth in mid summer, but this one started to concern me:

As I thought back, I couldn’t remember repotting it since at least 2014. Michael Hagedorn recommends fall repotting for Chojubai, and while I do not like fall repotting, he really knows his stuff, so I thought I’d give it a try. In late September, I combed out the soil, pruned the roots back by a third…

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