October Odds and Ends


October 1 brings a noticeable change in light on the trees. Soon the focus of work will change to re-potting but I took this day to catch up on some trees that were in grow phase.

There was the Peruvian Pepper tree trunk that has been in development for years, trying to find the correct way to develop branches where they need to be on this little truck. The challenge is that this is a little stump and the leaves tend to grow very large and long. My experiment is to reduce leaf size and develop new ramified branches. Now years latter, I finally go it to where I could do some wiring.

Peruvian Pepper tree. Years in development trying to get branches to develop where I wanted them to be. Wired it up and trimmed.

My Mendocino Pygmy Cypress tankui has been features several times. This summer it has…

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