Autumn Creeps in at Malibu Lagoon, 24 September, 2017


Whimbrels, back from the Arctic (R. Juncosa 9-24-17)

There seemed to be a lot of birders today,perhaps the after-effects of last month’s article in the Santa Monica Daily Press. Bird species numbers, however, were a bit lower than usual. The only ducks were the locally breeding Mallards! I suppose nice weather up north is making the wildfowl reluctant to leave.

Least Terns – after occupying the beach all summer – have fled to southern climes. Snowy Plovers, which bred on Surfrider Beach for the first time since the beach became known as Surfrider Beach, continue to grow in numbers as the wintering migrants continue to arrive.

Brown Pelicans – fish-catching training camp (G. Murayama 9-24-17)

Snowy Plover NR:GY, born & banded this summer at Vandenberg AFB
(L. Loeher 9-24-17)

When counting Snowy Plovers, you can’t do it just once and walk away. We probably did several dozen counts…

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