My bonsai garden

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Hi! Last week I showed you a few trees from my bonsai garden. Since I have around 80 trees in total, here’s a few more. On this table I put my conifer shohin. Below, you can see a Japanese yew on the left, a Japanese black pine var. Kotobuki in the middle, and an Itoigawa juniper on the right. I… Continue reading My bonsai garden

Defrosting after Winters Chill

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Tasmanian winter is finally coming to an end here in Collinsvale. With that said, we have had more snow two days ago and a heavy frost again this morning to start off October. The trees are finally starting to wake up. The sassafras have produced an aromatic flush of early spring flowers accompanied by the Acacia and Hakea, which are… Continue reading Defrosting after Winters Chill

Tokyo – Day 1 Omiya

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Waking early I headed down stairs for a Japanese style breakfast buffet, checked the weather forecast, partly cloudy, high of 33 Celsius with high humidity expected. Back in the room I made sure my cameras were in order(empty memory card and fully charged) then it was out in to the wilds of Ginza and a short walk to Shimbashi… Continue reading Tokyo – Day 1 Omiya

Exhibition By Bonsaigroep de Butuwe

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I was delighted to receive these photos from my friend Harry showing bonsai in his clubs Bonsai exhibition in The Netherlands. He’s letting me share them here for all to see. Some great trees on display. This is a small group of only 10 members which makes their display all the more impressive. For more info click HERE to visit… Continue reading Exhibition By Bonsaigroep de Butuwe

I love plants but not all of them!

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There has been a overwhelming liking towards Cacti and Succulents these days. I just don’t understand why! As far as I can see, people love them only because they really don’t need to be watched over. They are fine if you water them once in a week or 10 days. They are fine irrespective of whether you place them… Continue reading I love plants but not all of them!