Ben Oki Azalea bust

Nebari Bonsai

Sometimes things don’t work out. This azalea has been reliable for a great show every April for the last 15 years. This year, it was repotted into a nice Koyo pot, and I was looking forward to the new combination. I didn’t do much root pruning, just new soil. As of April 8, it seemed well on the way.

A few days later on April 13, still on track, but maybe a bit slow. I chalked it up to repotting and a cool spring:

Then, it stalled out entirely. I gave it another week, and by April 23, it was clear the crop of blooms had blasted:

So, it could be several problems; it dried out, froze, or maybe hit with a pesticide or fungicide. I’m pretty careful to avoid spraying trees with chemicals while they’re blooming. Checking the weather almanac, it didn’t freeze between 4/13 and 4/23, but it…

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