Oh, the crazy sh– we do for our trees

Bonsai Iterate

That, my friends, is a big-ass rain fly from a family-size tent, oddly arranged and anchored under my deck.

Under the fly is a yew. (Why does it feel like there should be a good pun in there somewhere?)

The yew was removed from a neighbors yard about a year ago, and put in this large box to contain a healthy-sized, clay-covered root ball. Since then, a bonsai friend of mine suggested I should have bare rooted it, but the decision had already been made out of an abundance of caution for the survival of the plant.

It has done quite well, really. It put on a good amount of new growth and has been backbudding all over the place. It was doing well, that is, until we got into a very wet August. The clay in that box is waterlogged and the tree is showing signs that it is…

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Prepping for the fall show

Bonsai Iterate

The fall show for my bonsai club is coming up in a couple of weeks. Our fall show is open to any member who would like to bring trees to show, and it is not judged. It’s just a great opportunity to share bonsai with the public.

I know several of our most experienced members will have trees unavailable for the show because of another exhibition, so I really would like to show at least two bonsai. Looking over my trees though, I felt like there was only one in “showable” condition. Maybe I could get this San Jose Juniper (Juniperus chinensis ‘San Jose’) cleaned up and ready to show.

It’s a bit sloppy at the moment. Let’s see what I can do. First, I need to get the moss off the trunk. I want to get as much moss off the bark as possible without damaging the…

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