A few trees

Parviflora Bonsaï

Hi, so I thought I’d add a few pictures to show my trees in formation. Don’t judge, many of them still have a very long way to go before becoming nice.

The first one below is a Japanese five needle pine hagoromo. I would still like to get a lot of trunk thickening on this tree.

This one is another Japanese five needle pine, but a kokonoe this time. Just like the first one, it needs a lot of thickening. This is why you see that big sacrifice branch on the tree.

Here is a juniper, a chinese juniper ”blaauw”. I went very hard on this tree since it was a non specialized nursery tree. This is why you see a lot of juvenile foliage. As the tree grows up, this juvenile foliage will gradually be replaced by mature foliage that will look a lot nicer.

This is the japanese…

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