2017 4th Zhongguo Feng Penjing Exhibition– Part 4 Stones, Sales Area & More

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Mixed in with the shohin bonsai displays were beautiful stone arrangements, small and elegant of course. They were displayed on traditional shohin bonsai box stands. Some of the stone arrangements had artificial trees, very cute and probably took a great amount of time to create, but easy to care for.


There were several displays featuring grasses and two hanging bonsai as well.


The entire exhibition was held in the center of a huge greenhouse complex. Surrounding the exhibition on three sides, but still in the greenhouse complex was the sales area which wrapped around the exhibition.


On one side there were mostly plants and bonsai, from young untrained material to developed, and heavy bonsai which needed to be moved by a fork lift. All looked healthy and clean. Nearly all were Chinese, but I did spot many Japanese imports. Since I’ve been to Japan a couple of times, I can…

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A few trees

Parviflora Bonsaï

Hi, so I thought I’d add a few pictures to show my trees in formation. Don’t judge, many of them still have a very long way to go before becoming nice.

The first one below is a Japanese five needle pine hagoromo. I would still like to get a lot of trunk thickening on this tree.

This one is another Japanese five needle pine, but a kokonoe this time. Just like the first one, it needs a lot of thickening. This is why you see that big sacrifice branch on the tree.

Here is a juniper, a chinese juniper ”blaauw”. I went very hard on this tree since it was a non specialized nursery tree. This is why you see a lot of juvenile foliage. As the tree grows up, this juvenile foliage will gradually be replaced by mature foliage that will look a lot nicer.

This is the japanese…

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Outing to Jessie Walton’s Farm – Bird List

Hermanus Bird Club

Apalis Bar-throatedxFlamingo GreaterOwl BarnTeal Cape
Avocet PiedFlamingo LesserOystercatcher African BlackTern Caspian
Barbet Acacia PiedFlycatcher African DuskyxPainted-snipe GreaterTern Common
Batis CapexFlycatcher FiscalxParadise-Flycatcher AfricanxTern Sandwhich
Bee-eater EuropeanFlycatcher SpottedPelican Great WhiteTern Swift
Bishop Southern RedFrancolin Grey-wingedPenguin AfricanTern Whiskered
Bishop YellowxGannet CapePigeon SpeckledxTern White-winged
Bittern LittlexGodwit Bar-tailedPipit AfricanThick-knee Water
BokmakierieGoose EgyptianxPipit Long-billedThick-knee Spotted
Boubou SouthernGoose Spur-wingedxPipit Plain-backedThrush Olivex
Bulbul CapexGoshawk AfricanxPlover GreyTit Grey
Bunting CapeGoshawk Pale ChantingPlover Kittlitz’sTurnstone Ruddy
Bustard Denham’sGrassbird CapePlover RingedTurtle-dove Capex
Buzzard Forestx

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