2017 4th Zhongguo Fen Penjing Exhibition– Part 1 Shohin Bonsai

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The 2017 4th Zhongguo Fen Penjing Exhibition is being held on September 28-30, 2017 at the International Garden City in Rugao, China, a long three hour bus trip from the Shanghai Airport. This is the largest penjing exhibition in China with 150,000 members. There are well over 200 exhibit areas and a countless number of individual bonsai because of the large presence of shohin bonsai.

This blog part will cover some of the shohin bonsai which rather impressed me. Larger bonsai, demonstrations and more during the next parts.

6P4A3501_P4A3615_P4A3620_P4A3548_P4A3633_P4A3 5486P4A3623_P4A3609_P4A3498_P4A3636_P4A3590_P4A3589_P4A3587_P4A3567_P4A3584_P4A3626_P4A3628_P4A3629_P4A3630_P4A3631_P4A36326P4A3502

Autumn is the time of the year pomegranates begin to ripen and I like the small fruit, especially when displayed on SMALL size bonsai. Actually, I’m working on a new pomegranate program, and exposed root style program as well, but I guess you can tell that from these photos….

_P4A3647_P4A3648_P4A 3647_P4A3649_P4A3643_P4A3642_P4A3638_P4A3597

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