Losing trees: Pyracantha

Nebari Bonsai

This pyracantha had a rough summer of 2016. The leaves’ veins would turn yellow on a branch, then the entire branch would die about a week later. This post details its demi-demise. First this:

Then this:

It only happened to the left side, and the right side was fine. So it went from a double trunk to a single trunk.

Symptoms list: yellowing leaf veins, followed by branch death, on one side of the tree, and bark cracks showing pink/orange fungus-like growth at times. All during the warm summer months. Well, a little too little, a little too late, I started researching the symptoms and found this little gem:

Fusarium Wilt.

From the University of California’s Website:

Fusarium wilt—Fusarium oxysporum

Fusarium wilt affects relatively few woody ornamental species but can kill certain hosts, including albizia, date, palm, hebe, and pyracantha. Most forms of Fusarium oxysporum attack only herbaceous…

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