Nandina Bamboo and Summer Update

Last year I dug out an old nandina bamboo from a home undergoing construction. Nandina are seldom seen as bonsai. Trifoliate leaves and small trunks leave little to be desired. Atypical of most nandinas this specimen boasted thick corky bark and a sizable trunk. The reliable display of fall color in a Mediterranean climate SoCal was icing on the cake. Earlier in the year I… Continue reading Nandina Bamboo and Summer Update

When to Let a Tree Run Off Leash-

Originally posted on Michael Hagedorn:
We talk endlessly about how to manage the growth of bonsai. Which technique for this species, which for that…and it’s a good thing we do, as it’s very important. If we get it wrong we could end up in a pretty pickle. Less often do we talk about how important the opposite is for an old bonsai: Letting the tree… Continue reading When to Let a Tree Run Off Leash-