Competitive bonsai styling


Preparing yourself for a bonsai competition can be a daunting task if you do not have any references. There are no guidelines or instructions that I could find available on the internet, unless it’s a well-hidden document.

I am taking part in my third competition this weekend. The first competition I took part in was on Japan day at Blaauwklippen Estate. I was so “amped” to be part of a young designer’s competition. Everything I needed was ready and packed a week before the competition. I was so nervous on the day I could not stop sweating. It was so bad that the person organizing the event asked me if I was okay. I replied and said I was fine (hoping he would leave me alone so that I can focus on the tree in front of me and finish before my time ran out). To add more tension to…

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Last Days of Summer

Natural Moments

This Friday is the Fall equinox, the first day of autumn, and summer seems to have gone by pretty quickly this year. The weather has been quite nice lately with warm sunny days and pleasantly cool nights, kicking into bloom all the sunflowers and asters with the chamisa and changing leaves of the aspens and cottonwoods only a few short weeks away. The birds have been awfully quiet out there lately; certainly still around but making few noises and often hiding in the foliage. Butterflies have been a little hard to spot, too, with little or no water in the streams and not all that much nectar around. But, like always, all it takes is getting out there everyday to spot something worthy of a photograph.

Way back on the last day of August, the Audubon Thursday Birders headed west out to La Ventana Natural Arch and The Narrows in…

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