…and the Plovers Say Thank you, Santa Monica!


New Santa Monica Plover signage.

At our quarterly survey of the plovers on Santa Monica Beach North, we were able to install the new hard-plastic signage recently received from the Office of Sustainability of the City of Santa Monica. We hope this will help us maintain protection for our over-wintering –and maybe nesting! — plovers. Currently this is the most populous plover beach of Los Angeles County.

Two plover volunteers: Susan Considine and Willie Burnside of Audubon CA Board. Photo: W. Burnside

Special thanks to Dean Kubani and Andrew Basmajian of the City’s Sustainability program.

We hope the new, colorful signage will help keep walkers, sunbathers and “campers” out of the exclosure.

Lucien P

Lu attaching new signs with assistance from plover volunteer Susan Considine. Phot W. Burnside

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