Bonsai in our Digital World


My family and I visited Bainbridge Island this summer.  A small island town where you can take a half hour ferry ride to get there or go around through mainland and an hour to get there.  It’s nice little town with shops and restaurants to eat.  This is where the world famous Boedel Garden is located.  Around lunch time we went into one of the restaurants to get a bite before exploring further.  We had a great meal and felt that our family bonded and connected over a good meal while we chatted, joked, and probably argued.  As we were leaving the restaurant, my eye caught a family of four sitting near the door.  Mom, dad,  a teenage girl, and a teenage boy.  They were all intensely looking down at their cell phones and not talking to each other.  I’m sure they talked and chatted after we left but that whole scene of…

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