Japanese Andromeda

The Bonsai Novice

I found this at Home Depot. I noticed the trunk had potential, and I have a weakness for flowering plants. I haven’t seen this flower yet, but it should produce a white flower. It won’t produce any flowers next year though.

I was impatient when I brought this plant home. I excitedly pruned it without fully realizing the potential repercussions. It was out of season to prune it. By pruning it at the end of summer, I removed all of the potential flower buds and I have forced it to focus on recovery.

You may notice the cut paste. I hate the sheers I used. They take off more bark than branches. I am seriously considering getting the concave cutters.

I’m worried I trimmed it back too severely. We will see in times. It has survived almost a month now. So, I’m optimistic.

The good news is that it is…

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