The Bonsai Novice

This beauty is my most expensive purchase yet. I arguably overpaid for it, but I don’t regret it. I probably could have saved money and made it myself, but having something to show off is always nice.

It looks very vibrant and the flowers are instantly eye catching. The downside to this particular bonsai is it is still basically a pre-bonsai. It has a thin trunk, and without the flowers it looks pretty unremarkable (which is expected because it cannot be flowering 100% of the time; all bonsai have their “off” phase).

After the flowers fell off, it did not look quite as beautiful. At some point I moved it to my room on the east side of the house so that it could have more sunlight. It doesn’t look like I have any pictures of it from before I wired it. That’s when I had a few mishaps.


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