What to bring to a workshop

Bonsai Iterate

What kind of trees do you bring to a workshop? I struggle with this frequently and usually opt not to stay for the “BYOT” (bring your own tree) portions of the local bonsai club meetings.

My trees fall into three broad categories.

  1. Many (MANY!) are not ready for styling. Most of these just need water and fertilizer to get big and strong. When they do need a little something done… well, I don’t need help from club members to repot, or make an occasional big cut on material I am developing for future work.
  2. For most of the trees that are in development, I have a clear idea of what I am working toward. These don’t seem right to take to a work session or workshop either. (I love to work on my trees in my own back yard!)
  3. Very few trees are ready for developing or in a new…

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