How Bonsai Trees Reflect Japanese Culture

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Bonsai Trees

How Bonsai Trees Reflect Japanese Culture

Japanese bonsai is the art of growing what looks like miniature trees in low-sided containers. According to Bonsai Tree Gardener, bonsai is derived from the word “bon” which means “pot” and “sai” which means planting. Bonsai encourages contemplation. Bonsai is an art form that is centered on five design elements: miniaturization, poignancy, no trace of the artist, proportion and asymmetry. These design elements if used properly can yield superior results. Bonsai highlights the ingenuity and the hard work of the creator.

Japanese Culture

Japanese culture has many different facets. It is a different culture than the culture of the west. Their culture is highlighted by the movies, comic books and TV shows exported to the west. Western culture is influenced by its Judea-Christian belief in god. The belief in god is less pronounced in Japanese culture. One of the religious…

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