Gingseng Ficus

The Bonsai Novice

I bought this about a year ago from Ikea. It was super cheep and for a “bonsai”, it hardly looked like a miniature tree. This was actually the second ficus bonsai I have owned. The first died because I knew nothing about bonsai. I think it was a combination of overwatering and under-fertilizing it that led to its death. To be fair, I was a young teenager that knew NOTHING about caring for bonsai.

So my current ficus is alive and doing well. I like to call it “Rick” after Rick Sanchez from the Adult Swim cartoon, Rick and Morty. It’s pretty irrelevant to the personality of the tree but because it survived a year with me I felt like it needed a name.

I’m primarily focused on developing the branches of this tree. It has two primary branches coming off the trunk and one of those is underdeveloped. I…

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