And Another Temple

NOT IN A STRAIGHT LINE by Photolera Claudinha


Every now and then, when reading about Hong Kong, I would come across the Chi Lin Nunnery as a “must see” attraction. Yet when I mentioned it to Hong Kongers, they shrugged their shoulders in ignorance. Taking the risk that the nunnery was simply a tourist ploy, we decided to check it out ourselves.


Taking the subway rather than a ferry for once, we embarked for the Diamond Hills of far NE Kowloon to visit the Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden surrounding it.

Home.Exchange.HongKong.144-1200328 Since Diamond Hill is a very busy neighborhood, many sound barriers were erected to protect the tranquility of the nunnery and the garden.

As you enter Nan Lin Garden, you immediately come upon a building with an exhibition of wooden models of famous Buddhist temples in China. The stupendous part of this exhibition is the realization that non of these remarkable buildings contain a single nail, neither…

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