And Another Temple

NOT IN A STRAIGHT LINE by Photolera Claudinha


Every now and then, when reading about Hong Kong, I would come across the Chi Lin Nunnery as a “must see” attraction. Yet when I mentioned it to Hong Kongers, they shrugged their shoulders in ignorance. Taking the risk that the nunnery was simply a tourist ploy, we decided to check it out ourselves.


Taking the subway rather than a ferry for once, we embarked for the Diamond Hills of far NE Kowloon to visit the Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden surrounding it.

Home.Exchange.HongKong.144-1200328 Since Diamond Hill is a very busy neighborhood, many sound barriers were erected to protect the tranquility of the nunnery and the garden.

As you enter Nan Lin Garden, you immediately come upon a building with an exhibition of wooden models of famous Buddhist temples in China. The stupendous part of this exhibition is the realization that non of these remarkable buildings contain a single nail, neither…

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Mugo Pine

The Bonsai Novice

I’m new to bonsai. I’ve always admired it, but didn’t have the means to experiment and learn. I’ve recently started looking online for resources to hone my skills as a bonsai artist. I will probably share some of those in a later post. Right now, I have have 8 trees. They’re all pre-bonsai to be honest. There is a ficus, a bougainvillea, an andromeda, two junipers, two azaleas, and a mugo pine.

What I have here is my mugo pine. I picked it up at a nursery and it was probably the most expensive plant I’ve paid for as a pre-bonsai. I immediately liked it, so I just impulse bought it…. sue me! Anyway, after I bought it, I cleaned it up, learned some basic wire techniques, and looked up some recommendations on pruning and care. Here is the results:

Mind you, I’m a beginner. I’ve probably made a mistake…

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Gingseng Ficus

The Bonsai Novice

I bought this about a year ago from Ikea. It was super cheep and for a “bonsai”, it hardly looked like a miniature tree. This was actually the second ficus bonsai I have owned. The first died because I knew nothing about bonsai. I think it was a combination of overwatering and under-fertilizing it that led to its death. To be fair, I was a young teenager that knew NOTHING about caring for bonsai.

So my current ficus is alive and doing well. I like to call it “Rick” after Rick Sanchez from the Adult Swim cartoon, Rick and Morty. It’s pretty irrelevant to the personality of the tree but because it survived a year with me I felt like it needed a name.

I’m primarily focused on developing the branches of this tree. It has two primary branches coming off the trunk and one of those is underdeveloped. I…

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