That’s enough bonsai…


When do you have enough bonsai? When the space you have is full or when your water bill is through the roof? I think 50 is a good number. Reason for this is we are living busy lifestyle’s and there is not much room for anything else.

When I started, I wanted to fill my garden with bonsai trees. I wanted to be known as the person with the most trees in the club. I planted seeds, bought nursery stock, bought trees from other growers and collected trees from the neighbors’ gardens. I could not stop the urge of buying something new and transforming it into a beautiful “potensai”(Tree with the potential of becoming an bonsai). Now I have close to 200 bonsai trees and bags full of yearlings in my garden. I know I have too many trees and that I need to sell them, give them away and…

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The BSAPI National 2017 (Part 2)

Plants and Kolen

I have been in love with nature since I remembered.

Back in the province, I used to have a little garden. Our family have a little farm where i love to go. Huge trees, fruits tress and crops. Nature all around me. But what I am really amused of were not so popular in our province. Those were the Bonsais.

For me, Bonsai is not just a tree. It is an Art. A lovely one.

Last July 2017, I was given a chance to see a lot of these amazing Bonsai Art through an event by The BSAPI (Bonsai & Suiseki Alliance of the Philippines, Inc.). To sum things up, here’s a video I made. I hope you’ll love it too.

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Spring colors on Japanese maples

Parviflora Bonsaï

I know it is late to be posting about spring colors, but better enjoy them late than never! Recently I was writing how much I love red and pink colors on Japanese maples. Here are two of my all stars on spring colors. Both have pink shades, the first one is my Beni hime Japanese maple, and the second one is Beni chidori Japanese maple. I believe my good friend Alexandre Dufour and I are the only ones in Quebec and probably in Canada to have this outstanding cultivar. I made cuttings this summer. Maybe 6 of them survived the critical first month, but I am still not sure if they will survive as Japanese maple cuttings aren’t so easy to succeed. Fingers crossed!

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