Birds, everywhere – Sep. 9, 2019


Here is the precipitation radar from this morning, Saturday, at 5:30 AM. As you can see, the northeast is bone-dry:

And here is the reflectivity radar (i.e. birds) from 5:15 this morning:

This represents an explosion of migrants in the east. Of course, results will vary depending on the location.

The consensus from around the state seems to offer ground truth for the radar image. In other words, migrant birds were everywhere this morning.

Prairie Warbler, Lincoln Park Gravel Pits, Morris Co., NJ, Sep. 9, 2017 (photo by Jonathan Klizas)

A trip to the Lincoln Park Gravel Pits in search of shorebirds turned up Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs and a pair of Killdeer. No other shorebirds. The continuing Glossy Ibis, Little Blue Herons, 9 Great Egrets, 13 Great Blue Herons and 5 Blue-winged Teal seemed to be the highlights of the morning until a return to the woods showed the…

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