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Last of the Summer: Re-potting Those Warm Weather Lovers


The heat wave here in California broke today leaving humid heat in the upper 80s. That is perfect time to sneak outside and re-pot those trees that still have time to settle in the warm Fall heat and prepare for winter. Trees that love work this time of year are boxwood, olives, ficus, and subtropical trees. My boxwood needed considerable work when I tested the  soil recently.

Boxwood at the beginning of the re-potting process. Out of the pot and teasing roots free of soil.

Boxwood became root-bound in just a few years. This is solid mass of roots.

Boxwood summer re-potting shows is was really in need of work. The root mass had exhausted the soil mixture leave just a mass of roots. This tree was re-potted just a few years ago.

Boxwood after root pruning and set in the pot for tie-down.

Boxwood in new pot made by…

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A Relic From Its Past Dawn Redwood 5 Tree Grove Bonsai (outdoor)

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A Relic From Its Past Dawn Redwood 5 Tree Grove Bonsai (outdoor)
A Relic From Its Past Dawn Redwood 5 Tree Grove Bonsai (Outdoor) Description:The Dawn Redwood Is An Astonishing Relic From The Distant Past. The Only Evidence That The Tree Ever Existed In The First Place Had Been Fossils All The Way Until The 1940’s When It Was Re-discovered In Manchuria, China.In The 40’s The Dawn Redwood Became A Popular Decorative Tree In Parks, Gardens And Was Eventually Used For Bonsai. In Their Natural Environment These Hardy Conifers Can Reach Peaks Of 110 Feet With A 25 Foot Spread, And Although They Won’t Get That Big In A Pot, These Majestic, Powerful Bonsai Will Command Just As Much Attention As Their Full Sized Brethren From Spectators In Your Backyard Or Garden.The Dawn Redwood’s Needles Are Deciduous And Especially Beautiful In The Fall, As The Lacy, Light Green Foliage Fades…

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