Least Terns Nest as Migrants Arrive: Malibu Lagoon, 23 July, 2017


Malibu pier in eastern distance past the nesting area (G. Murayama 7-23-17)

Least Terns continue nesting on Surfrider Beach next to Malibu Lagoon. The semi-monthly high tides washed out most of their nests, forcing them to re-nest. Some may have re-nested more than once. Some adults were mating a few days ago, some are sitting on eggs. Some chicks are very young while others are older, and we have juveniles stretching their wings and flying around quite competently. These birds grow up fast: 20-22 days of egg incubation, then 19-21 days from hatching to fledging.

A very young Least Tern chick (J. Waterman 7-23-17)

The Snowy Plovers are done nesting, and the winter roosting colony continues to grow. Our hatched plover chick was not banded and is now a flying juvenile.With additional juveniles arriving on Malibu Beach from northerly nesting areas, we no longer can tell for sure which one…

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