Small white pine

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I bought this tree a little over a year ago. The pot it came in when I brought it in was much too small, I thought, for the health of the tree. I placed it into a larger pot but I still think that it is very suitable for this guy. Then, seeing that it was doing quite well… Continue reading Small white pine

Should Black-tailed Godwits cross the Sahara?

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Are Dutch-breeding limosa Black-tailed Godwits that now winter in Spain and Portugal doing better than ones that travel to the other side of the Sahara? Changing weather patterns and land management are providing opportunities for many bird species to modify their migration patterns – both in terms of space and time. Dutch limosa Black-tailed Godwits were traditionally thought of as long-distance… Continue reading Should Black-tailed Godwits cross the Sahara?

Special Black-tailed Godwits

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What will happen to 25 head-started juvenile Black-tailed Godwits that were released at Welney, Norfolk, yesterday (12 June)? Here’s how birdwatchers can help to provide answers. Black-tailed Godwits nest in the grazing marshes of the Nene Washes in the UK. Photographs in blog from Mark Whiffin, Jennifer Smart, Ian Dillon, Verónica Méndez & Haije Valkema. If you have heard anything about… Continue reading Special Black-tailed Godwits

Which wader, when and why?

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This is a quick summary of wader migration, for British and Irish birdwatchers. The maps are taken from the migration book Time to Fly by Jim Flegg, published by the British Trust for Ornithology, and most of the images are kindly provided by Graham Catley. Autumn wader migration is one of the high-points of a birdwatcher’s calendar but why does it… Continue reading Which wader, when and why?