The 85th Mefu-ten

Originally posted on John Milton Bonsai:
The 85th Meifu-ten exhibit was on earlier this month and I’ve just got round to sorting through the Photo’s. It is a local show but, is one of the biggest in Japan and it is on at the same time as Gafu-ten so often people will visit both in the weekend. I didn’t take pictures of all the tree’s… Continue reading The 85th Mefu-ten

Graft scars

Originally posted on Fusion Bonsai:
Several years back Uncle Pete showed me how to propagate using cleft grafts. This is a quick and inexpensive way to expand the number of select cultivars in your collection. It does have 2 major drawbacks when used for bonsai material. One, nasty scars and two, different bark characteristics. Here are a few examples: ‘Ogon’ grafted onto standard Dawn Redwood… Continue reading Graft scars