How long does it take to create a bonsai?



I thought long and hard about this question. I concluded that it all depends on what you see as a completed bonsai. Is a tree a bonsai if it looks well trained to the artist or is it a bonsai if it follows all the rules/guidelines? If you use images in magazines or online forums as your guideline, then you will never be done with your bonsai. You can also say that it is a living art form and therefor it is never completed. For this article, if a tree ticks all the topics listed below its completed:

  • Tree is well shaped
  • The tree is planted in a bonsai pot that suites the trees style
  • The tree is styled to fit in a bonsai category
  • All the trees parts fit together and tells the same story

I have found myself looking at my trees for a couple of hours…

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