Pine grafting time

Nebari Bonsai

The best time to graft new shoots onto pines is when the roots are just waking up, but just before candles start to push. As was explained to me, this is to ensure sap is flowing when the scions “wake up” and are ready to grow.

This year, I have done more grafts on pines than in years past. Call it a battle of attrition, or practice. Hopefully the results will come.

Parafilm is a lab product used to cover beakers, flasks and tubes. It is photodegradable, stretchable, and it sticks to itself. In bonsai, it is used like grafting tape, but has these advantages, making it easier to work with.

The process is straight forward. Create a flap in the stock, insert a scion, and ensure the cambiums are lined up.

This is an Ondae corkbark black pine, so I used a strong shoot from the same tree. Here…

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