Toxic Bonsai III

Taiga Bonzai

Toxic Bonsai Part III

NandinaNandina domestica. Family Berberidaceae. A common colourful species used in bonsai is not a bamboo plant as it is often referred to, but an evergreen shrub growing to 2m (7ft) tall by 1.5 m (5ft) in width. In springtime new leaves are a bright pink, which turn a glossy green. The flowers are white and in clusters, with fruit in the form of a bright red berry. All parts of this tree are poisonous as it contains compounds that produce hydrogen cyanide, which could be potentially fatal if ingested. Although there are those who claim the tree is non-toxic to humans, ascertaining if there is any truth to the argument is not worth the risk.

NeeaNeea buxifolia. Family Nyctaginaceae. Often referred to as the flowering tropical boxwood, this tree is a native of Puerto Rico. It is a rather…

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