The Problems With Bending Or Shaping

Taiga Bonzai

Bending branches and trunks – what happens to the cellular structure?

A recent question asked by a student is what happens to the tree or plant when it is wired into position. This may seem a relatively simple question to answer but all trees are different, much depends on the climate zone where they are found. Meaning some species are more malleable and easier to shape, whilst other are more difficult.

For example, Lignum vitae also called ‘guayacan – guaiacum’ or ‘pockholz’, from the genus Guaiacum has a structure so dense that wiring is virtually impossible unless undertaken before lignification has taken place. Alternatively, the Cecropiagenus are mainly hollow in their structure and thus are extremely difficult to shape. Some species are prolific in growth (Acer palmatum amoenum) are easily scarred by wiring, whilst othersLarix kaempferi(Weeping larch) are slow-growing and more manageable. Arguably, researching a…

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