Pests and Diseases

Taiga Bonzai


This post is probably not the most exciting of topics to discuss, but we should be mindful of the pests and diseases affecting bonsai especially those, which cannot tolerate cold conditions and are kept inside. All flora are susceptible to attack from pests and diseases whether grown naturally or cultivated. In an attempt to eradicate these unwanted problems most fruiting and flowering specimens are sprayed with a fungicide or repellant. Chemical protection does in many respects produce the results intended, but some will argue that it also destroys those creatures that eradicate the unwanted. Moreover, it can be said that when winter arrives many pests will die due to loss of foliage and the coming cold.

Nonetheless, there are such pests whom are able to survive via hibernation hidden beneath a tree’s bark or in it’s seed pods. For example, the Oak – genus Quercus, a favourite of…

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