Spring is coming!

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Since the Dutch weather lost its way and we hardly had any winter my enthousiasm for spring this year might be overstated. But when growing Bonsai spring has nothing to do with weather, it’s all about the buds. Seeing them swell knowing soon your trees will brust open with leaves is when most Bonsai… Continue reading Spring is coming!

Toxic Bonsai Part IV

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Toxic Bonsai Part IV Umbrella tree (Queensland) – Schefflera actinophylla. Family Araliaceae. Is an evergreen tree that grows to 15m (49ft) tall, native to the tropical rain forests of New Guinea, Java and Australia’s eastern Queensland. This decorative tree when mature, produces racemes up to 2m (6.5ft) long with an abundance of small dull red flowers beginning in late spring.… Continue reading Toxic Bonsai Part IV

Toxic Bonsai II

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Toxic Bonsai Part II Ginkgo biloba – Family Ginkgoaceae. Also known as the maidenhair tree native to China is the only living species in the division Ginkgophyta, as all others are now extinct. Its fruit is used for culinary purposes and in traditional Chinese medicine and is considered by some to contain aphrodisiac properties. However, the seed pulp has toxins… Continue reading Toxic Bonsai II

Toxic Bonsai I

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Toxic Bonsai (Part I) In the early days of bonsai horticulture tree varieties included the Juniper Juniperus – Spruce Picea – Pine Pinus and Larch Larix. As time progressed, more species were added for example, flower and fruiting varieties Wisteria Floribunda and Azalea genus Rhododendron, in the genus Prunus plum, cherry, peach and apricot. Today many other species from around… Continue reading Toxic Bonsai I

Pests and Diseases

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PESTS AND DISEASES This post is probably not the most exciting of topics to discuss, but we should be mindful of the pests and diseases affecting bonsai especially those, which cannot tolerate cold conditions and are kept inside. All flora are susceptible to attack from pests and diseases whether grown naturally or cultivated. In an attempt to eradicate these unwanted problems most… Continue reading Pests and Diseases

The Problems With Bending Or Shaping

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Bending branches and trunks – what happens to the cellular structure? A recent question asked by a student is what happens to the tree or plant when it is wired into position. This may seem a relatively simple question to answer but all trees are different, much depends on the climate zone where they are found. Meaning some species are… Continue reading The Problems With Bending Or Shaping