Day Thirteen – Rain & Bonsais

Plants, Mountains, Plants, Food & Plants

It’s raining! And it’s less than thirty degrees! Whilst everyone else moans I feel I can finally breath, refreshed by the English style weather. To be completely honest it makes me a little homesick but that’s to be expected.

Due to the inclement weather everyone shelters indoors for the day. I am roped in to help moving around the Bonsai collection; taking the deciduous trees out to the nursery and bringing the tropical specimens into the display house. We then spend an hour or two tweezing out weeds from the miniature worlds. I appreciate the beauty of these trees but something in me can’t help feeling sorry for them; they’ll never reach their full size or stretch out their roots.

After lunch I am sent to weed the rest of the extensive collection. Needless to say I barely scratch the surface.


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