Vigor & The Art of Bonsai

Eric L. Hankins

A hobby I picked up this past year is bonsai trees.

I’m not sure what first drew me to them, but now, I’m fascinated by this process and these trees.

For those who aren’t familiar with bonsai, it is a technique where instead of planting a tree in the ground, you plant it in a container or pot. The word “bonsai” literally means “tray planting”. The idea is to keep it from growing to its normal size but to mirror the proportions of a large, “wild” tree.

It may be a stretch, but I think there are a couple lessons to learn from the art of bonsai.


A bonsai tree has specific conditions that it needs in order to thrive. It needs the right amount of sun, the right nutrients in the soil, the right ph levels, the right amount of water, the right temperature, etc.. And if…

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