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I was on my travels again last week, this time in Wales. We were popping over to see Coldplay in concert in Cardiff but added on a day to take in Snowdonia National Park and visit with a few bonsai friends. These were taken in and around the park, not great weather sadly but sometimes the mist adds to the… Continue reading Snowdonia

Snowy Plover & Least Tern nesting update

We are still taking donations for the additional costs incurred by the unexpected nestings by Snowy Plovers at three Los Angeles County location, and the Least Terns at Malibu Beach. Use the “Donate to or Join SMBAS” button to the right and follow the instructions. Pay Pal or credit cards accepted. Least Tern feeding young, Malibu… Continue reading Snowy Plover & Least Tern nesting update

Four Inspiring Examples of Rock Art

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Whenever you hear the word ‘cave art’ or ‘pre-historic art’ your mind instantly wanders to those great wonders like Lascaux or Altamira. And no one can blame you. Those two sites are the Sistine Chapel of Paleolithic art. But sometimes, the more subtle, more humble examples of art can be more numinous. Just as, say,… Continue reading Four Inspiring Examples of Rock Art