Bonsai Tree 2nd

My Life in Scotland

Good morning my friends. This is a supplemental to my post “Bonsai Daddy”. It`s now one week since I am caring for this little companion and it`s still alive. I even dare to say it looks good. I just hope he will make it. Since I am scared to drown it and I got told that they easily drown, I decided to use a trick.

Since the pot has e hole in its bottom but the tray is not high enough I got a Spontex sponge and use this as helper to water the tree gentle. I fill the tray with water and place a quarter of the Spontex cloth in the middle of the tray, that is the place where the pot has the hole in its bottom. So I hope the Spontex sponge will work as promoter and delivers the water just when used and taken by the…

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